True or Poo?

True or Poo?

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The ultimate guide to animal facts and fibs that asks readers to guess if statements are true... or a big pile of poo!

The toilet-tastic book that asks young readers to guess if animal facts are true...or POO?!

Do wombats have cube-shaped poo?
Do you eat spiders in your sleep?
Do beetles pretend to be ant bottoms?

In this hilariously helpful guide to which facts about the animal kingdom are true or false, you might be surprised to learn what's true ... and what's a big pile of poo! And you will find out a lot about that smelly stuff in this book too, from how it's made to which animals eat their own waste. (Yuck!)

But will you be able to guess what's real and what's made up? Find out in this comical collection of weird habits, cool facts and sneaky myths about your favourite animals!

This HILARIOUS book is the companion title to Does it Fart?


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