Most Wanted

Most Wanted

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A robust, accessible picturebook biography of John Hancock and Samuel Adams, focusing on their roles and relationship leading up to the Revolutionary War.

John Hancock: extravagant, generous, and a certified dandy, with beautiful penmanship and a taste for trendsetting.

Samuel Adams: sensible, vigilant, and a superb strategist, with fierce political reasoning and relentless dedication to his cause.

Together, Hancock and Adams became quite the royal pain. Using their distinct skills and influence to spur on support for American independence, these two pushed the public to rebel against England with passion and persuasion. Their disobedience to the crown led to the battles of Lexington and Concord, and ultimately to the Revolutionary War.

The team behind Thomas Paine and the Dangerous Word reunites for another tale of the journey toward American independence in this playful-yet-purposeful picturebook, full of primary sources.


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