Magnéti'book Unicorns

Regular price $19.99

Suitable for children aged 3 and over

◦ Includes 44 magnets and 10 unicorn models

◦ The practical book format is great for taking it anywhere!

Majestic and fantastical unicorns are simply magical! This magnetic educational game will immerse children aged 3 years and up in fairyland. Imagination stimulation is a key stage in a child's development: with the help of this Magnéti'book, your little one will be prompted to invent countless stories. They can either refer to the models and colourful illustrations, or invent their own stories from scratch, by mixing the magnets as they see fit. This magnetic game consists of 44 magnetic pieces and 10 fantastically-illustrated models. Each unicorn has their own setting. The various decorations and many magnets allow for countless hybrid options. A winged or finned unicorn, in a meadow or the sky... everything goes! Many enchanted worlds are within easy reach of your children. Your children's fine motor skills will be stimulated by handling the magnets. In fact, they are easy for little ones to grasp. This book-sized magnetic toy is ideal for taking anywhere. In fact, the only limit is their imaginations once they cross the threshold. This fantasy-based magnetic game belongs to a large family of Janod Magnéti'book products: there are animals, occupations, firefighters and more. This magnetic educational game is made from FSC™-certified cardboard, in addition to controlled materials.


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