Keepsake Crafts for Grandpa and Me

Keepsake Crafts for Grandpa and Me

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  • Format: Hardcover Book

Make every moment special with your grandkiddo with Keepsake Crafts for Grandpa and Me! Includes instructions for 42 crafts to create and share with each other, as well as 32 cardstock sheets and over 30 stickers. Get together, pick a craft, gather your materials, and follow the easy step-by-step instructions to make your keepsake! Your grandkiddo will enjoy every moment with you as you craft together! Cherish your special creations forever, or give them as gifts to keep spreading the love.

Projects included:
- Custom Paper Gliders
- Cereal Catapult Game
- Secret Message Cipher
- You Rock Photo Frame
- and 38 other crafts to make together!


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