Pedal Fire Truck

Pedal Fire Truck

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With the Baghera pedal fire truck, adventure is just around the corner


"Nee-naw, nee-naw! Watch out, there's a fire! Don't worry mum and dad, I'm coming to rescue you! I'll roll out the fire hose, deploy the ladder, and woosh: the fire is out!

Your child races into the living room behind the wheel of their Baghera pedal fire truck. Their smile takes you back to your own childhood, you play along, and it's hard to tell who's having the most fun.

With this pedal fire engine (and a tank full of imagination), the hours will whizz by. As you know, childhood adventures know no bounds. And thanks to this sturdy and timeless toy, the fun can be passed down from generation to generation. Brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins and godchildren will all enjoy playing with the fire hose and ladders, ringing the bell to signal their arrival.


Sturdy materials for a toy that can stand the test of time

Children aged 3 to 6 are not typically known for their calm and gentle behaviour. Fortunately for them (and you), the Baghera fire truck is made of metal, which means it is very strong and durable. The red and black wheels, also made of metal, are protected by rubber tyres. Everything is designed to handle hours of fun (and maybe a few clumsy accidents) in the living room, in the garden, in the drive... This toy is made to last.


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