123 ZOOM

123 ZOOM

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Kids will learn to count and write numbers in this fun, colorful, and interactive hands-on novelty book from the talented Chiêu Anh Urban!

Stylistic in design, this colorful and interactive counting book invites youngest readers to zoom on trains, submarines, spaceships, and a variety of things that go!

Each spread with cut-out layers and glossy paths features a different mode of transportation for a hands-on exploration of numbers and vehicles.

Count, touch, and trace from one to ten, whether it’s one plane on the runway, two dump trucks on the construction site, or ten bicycles on a bike path. Then fly, sail, race, and count backwards through clouds, ocean, and land to find hidden surprises.

123 ZOOM is a playful format with die-cut numbers and glossy paths for exploring various vehicles, while providing fun learning of basic numbers and writing concepts.


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