From the Desk of Santa Claus
From the Desk of Santa Claus

From the Desk of Santa Claus

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Delight your child with a custom letter from Santa with the Letter From Santa Kit. From his outpost at Mr. Boddington’s Studio, Mr. Claus has been receiving and responding to children’s holiday requests for over ten years. Santa and his old comrade Mr. Boddington believe that tots should take a break from tapping away on all those digital screens and jot down an old-fashioned letter. Santa is ready to hear what your darling has to say, and looks forward to sending a letter back. Each letter will be a typed, personalized response straight from Mr. Claus.

Please note: all letters must be posted by December 10th in order to receive a response by Christmas.


  • Includes: a blank letterhead for your child to write their note, envelope to Santa, envelope for you to put your return address, a mini pencil + instructional sheet
  • Hand-drawn illustration
  • Printed in NYC


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