Floral Pivoine Dress
Floral Pivoine Dress

Floral Pivoine Dress

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Chasuble dress in peony pink viscose. Viscose, the material in which this dress is made, is obtained from the cellulose of wood. It is therefore an artificial but fully recyclable fabric, of incredible fluidity and flexibility, formerly called artificial silk to which the all-over florets bring a touch of refinement! Be careful, viscose is a very absorbent material, not very elastic and therefore very fragile when wet. It is therefore preferable to opt for washing with cold or warm water.

The ruffled skirt is mounted on a bareback bodice. The straps that surround the surrounds and cling to the bodice in the back are highlighted with golden yellow croquet. The large ruffled steering wheel will, without a doubt, turn many heads. The dress is lined up the entire height, and a slit in the back closes with natural mother-of-pearl buttons.

This shape is part of my little niece's top 10. She is convinced that she will be the most beautiful in the court with this dress!

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