Jet Plane Blue
Jet Plane Blue

Jet Plane Blue

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Jet Plane Blue: a beautiful little plane

The Jet Plane Blue Baghera evokes the propeller planes of the 1930s. With its vintage graphics on the wings and tail, its little helmeted pilot, and its silver propellers, our little blue plane has it all. Our designers have once again worked hard to bring you a toy that appeals to both kids and parents.

The little plane is made of ABS, an ultra-strong material that allows your child to attempt all the loops, crashes and emergency landings in the world without causing any damage. Even tropical storms, typhoons and hurricanes won't trouble it!

Just like little cars, our plane can be taken anywhere and keep boredom at bay wherever you are. 

Alone or with friends, children can play for hours with their Baghera plane. Besides, why not team the Jet Plane with our Racing Cars? Children don't bother about realities: if they have to fly a car, they will!


Dimensions18 x 10 x 9 cm

Weight0.2 kg


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