First 100 Words From the 70s (Highchair U)

First 100 Words From the 70s (Highchair U)

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A pop culture primer for babies, First 100 Words From the 70s is off the hook!

Throw on your leisure suit and platform shoes and take your baby on a stroller ride back in time to share the most popular and iconic music, tv shows, toys, films, and fashion of the 70s! Never mind appleboy, cat, and dog. Your little one is ready for the skinny on 70s words like ABBA, Brady Bunch, corduroys, and disco fever!

Featuring 100 fab 70s words and phrases, bright and playful illustrations, and 5 pop culture categories that are outta this world! Can you dig it?

POP CULTURE BONDING: Parents, grandparents, and groovy aunts and uncles can introduce young readers to their favorite decade

ENGAGING ILLUSTRATIONS: From Schoolhouse Rock and pet rocks, to short shorts and tube socks, 70s pop culture favorites are depicted in colorful illustrations that reinforce literacy skills

STURDY BOARD BOOK: Will stand up to repeated readings and curious hands and mouths

BUILD EARLY LITERACY SKILLS: Reading together supports print motivation, print awareness, letter knowledge, vocabulary, and phonological awareness

GREAT GIFT: Be the most radical gift giver in the room at baby showers, gender reveals, and birthday parties


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