Native Shoes Remix™ Project



Native Shoes goal by 2023, is for each and every pair of Natives Shoes to be 100% life cycle managed.

The Native Shoes Remix™ Project, Native Shoes first initiative on this journey, recycles your well-loved Native Shoes by giving them new life in projects across the community.

How does the Native Shoes Remix™ Project work?

The unique composition of Native Shoes can be reground into versatile material that is useful in the creation of seating, playground flooring, insulation and more. Leveraging a proprietary regrind process, we are able to break down the materials found in every style of Native Shoes including sandals, slip-ons, knit sneakers and boots. From that point – there’s no telling where your soles could turn up! 

We are proud to be apart of this mission by being a drop off location for your old Native Shoes. Simply drop them off at the store, 7 Wianno Ave, Osterville, MA 02655, and we will ship them to Native Shoes for you- free of charge!