If you like it, MONOGRAM IT.

If you like it, MONOGRAM IT.

Monogram, monogram, monogram! Need we say more?!

According to Forbes Magazine, monograms date as far back as Ancient Greece, where coins often bore the first one or two letters of a city's, or later a ruler's, name. During the Middle Ages merchants and artisans, as well as tradesman painters and publishers, used monograms--their own or their guild's--to sign or brand their work. But monograms really flourished in the Victorian era with the rise of the bourgeoisie, who monogrammed everything from linens and shirts to lockets, seals, cards and even carriages.

Fast forward to the 21st century, monograms are everywhere! From initials to a custom design, stitching just about anything on an item is possible. Lucky for you, they're everywhere at the Pocket too! Monograms are an easy way to add a special touch on a gift that will have the recipient over the top about it! It's personal, thoughtful and did we mention SO CUTE?!?!

Check out some of our favs!

Yes, this is a monogram on this cute guys sweater!
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